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Ocean Express Online Order Form

Please do NOT submit this form unless you are committed to the purchase. We reserve the right to charge for our time if we prepare a presentation and you decide not to proceed without a compelling reason.
Item(s) you wish to purchase: (Enter up to 12 items. If you need more space, submit this form and then complete additional forms) 

1. On the first line, enter the vendor website address for each item

2. On the second line, copy and then paste the website link relating to the item from the vendor's website OR type enough information for us to find
your item on that website

3. On the third line, type the quantity of this item that you wish to order

4. On the fourth line, if you enter the price shown on the vendor's website, that will help us know whether we have found exactly the same item

5. If the item is offered in multiple colours, materials, finishes, sizes, etc and you have not pasted a unique URL (web address that will take us
directly to the right item) please enter whatever additional information you think we'll need on the fifth line

6. Click <SUBMIT> when done. We will receive your information and visit each website. We will then send you back a PDF presentation showing each item and its delivered price in US dollars to our NJ warehouse. This covers the first cost of the items, ground shipping (if applicable), sales tax (if applicable) and our purchase fee. You will then direct deposit the total amount shown in US dollars or the Bermuda dollar equivalent to our HSBC account and advise us at when done. We'll order your item(s) and send you a confirmation to the e-mail address you entered above. When your item(s) have been received in our Bermuda warehouse, we will send you a final invoice for ocean freight, duty/wharfage and optional insurance/local delivery and will email you a collection document or advise you that your delivery is imminent.

To expedite the placing of your order, please send an email to as soon as you have initiated your payment.
Unless you provide specific instruction in the notes field at the end of this form, we will wait until ALL of your items have been received in our warehouse and will ship everything you have ordered together.
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